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Cost of all modifications

Below you can find the cost of all pumps and their modifications

Pump Station "Typhoon"56.47 USD
    Controller "Istock"29.69 USD
      Controller "Istock M"33.56 USD
        Vibronics "Typhoon-2M"25.65 USD
          Vibronics "Typhoon-2M"27.91 USD
            Vibronics "Typhoon-3"34.37 USD
              Vibronics "Typhoon-3M"38.72 USD
                Vibronics "Tsvirkun"23.07 USD
                  Vibronics "Tsvirkun"25.01 USD
                    Vibronics "Bosna - 1"23.40 USD
                      Vibronics "Bosna - 1"25.49 USD
                        Surface pump Station73.41 USD
                          Surface pump Station78.09 USD
                            Controller for solid fuel boiler 33.24 USD
                              Controller for solid fuel boiler49.86 USD
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